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It’s finally here- the top 10 recipes on my website for the year 2020! All of these recipes are absolutely delicious, MUST MAKES!

cinnamon rolls with icing being poured on with the text 'top 10 recipes of 2020' on the image.

10. Dump and Start Instant Pot Alfredo

Nothing better than ultra creamy, homemade Alfredo sauce and pasta cooked together, in the same pot, in under 20 minutes from start to finish. 

fettuccine Alfredo made in one pot, finished photo

9. Funfetti Cookies

Doctor up a boxed cake mix just a little bit to get the thickest, chewiest Funfetti Cookies of your life. Perfect for non-cake loving birthday boys and girls. 🙂 

Funfetti cookies baked, final shot of the cookies stacked

8. Blonde Brownies

Mega Chewy, loaded with vanilla flavor- these brownies are perfect for so many occasions! I love that you can cut and serve them, no scooping and rolling required! This is the perfect recipe to keep in your back pocket at all times!

7. Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is one of those comfort foods that generally take a lot of work. Thanks to the Instant Pot, we can get a Chicken Pot Pie filling in no time! Serve with a roll or biscuits to round out the dish!

Instant Pot chicken pot pie

6. Homemade Soft Pretzels

This recipe has the year 2020 written all over it. When everything shut down at the beginning of the year, it seemed like everyone was getting their bread baking on! These Pretzels were so popular! A fun and delicious ‘treat’ that you’d usually just pick up at the mall, Costco or a baseball game. With none of those things happening, it seems like everyone tried to make theirs at home!

homemade soft pretzels, out of the oven

5. Instant Pot Chicken Tenders

This post is a funny one- it’s basically just teaching you how to cook chicken tenders in your Instant Pot BUT it is so stinking helpful! Once you know how to cook basic chicken tenders, the Instant Pot world is your oyster! Add all different kinds of sauces to make endless meals after learning this Instant Pot basic. 

Perfect Instant Pot Chicken Tenders are really easy to achieve time and time again! This post will walk you through exactly how to achieve tender & juicy shreddable or dice-able chicken tenders every time! Perfect for meal prep! |Cooking with Karli| #Instantpot #instantpotchicken #chickentenders #shreddedchicken #freezer #mealprep

4. Cinnamon Roll Icing

Everyone knows that it’s really the icing that makes or breaks a cinnamon roll. People have gone NUTS over this vanilla buttercream inspired Cinnamon Roll Icing. That’s right, no cream cheese in this recipe, which is why a lot of people like it. 

Cinnamon Roll Icing Recipe photo

3. Instant Pot Creamy Ziti

Dump and Start. Creamy. Cheesy. Chock full of carbs. Done in 20 minutes flat. Enough said. 😉

Dump and Start Instant Pot Creamy Ziti is saucy, cheesy and delicious. 20 minutes is all you need to make this creamy red sauce and pasta dish!

2. Pancake Mix Crepes

Yes, you read that right! Turn your pancake mix into delicious decadent crepes!! This is a super fun one on the weekends, which is when most people make this recipe! 

crepes with chocolate and strawberries inside

1. Sugar Cookie Recipe

By far, hands down THE most popular recipe on my site this year. This recipe alone was viewed nearly HALF A MILLION TIMES! That is a whole lot of sugar cookies and I am here for it!! If you haven’t made these yet- DO IT! No chill time, hold shape perfectly, soft and chewy, great vanilla flavor, and only 6 super simple ingredients you already have in your pantry!

roll and cut sugar cookies, baked and stacked for photo


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