Meal Planning Freebie

Meal planning takes just a bit of time, but will save you so much time in the long run!! I find when I meal plan, we eat healthier food AND save money!

I like to go shopping on Saturday’s. So either Friday night or Saturday morning, I will fill out my meal planning sheet for the following week. I have 3×5 cards that I have written down all of the meals my family really likes, I reference these cards every time I meal plan, it is quite handy. This meal planning freebie hangs on my fridge, so after planning it out, I don’t have to think about what I should make food wise for the rest of the week! Of course, sometimes I flip flop days after I have planned but the key is to plan, shop for the specifics of what you need and then not to go to the grocery store until the following Saturday.

We eat breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner at my house. I used to let me kiddos snack whenever they wanted but that just led to them not being hungry for dinner. As soon as I made an official ‘snack time’ (3:00 pm if you are wondering!) my kids actually ate dinner, and tried new things which was a miracle!

I also theme my meals by the day of the week.

Sunday-fancier dinner usually




Thursday-ground beef

Friday- pizza

Saturday- breakfast

I hope you enjoy and use this meal planning sheet as much as I do!! You can download it using the link below.

[download id=”1054″]