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Karli and her team love partnering together with brands and offer a wide range of services- from commercial photography, video production, full sponsored posts to coaching and consult work.

Cooking with Karli was established in February of 2018. Right from the beginning, Karli has been growing her online presence and following rapidly. She is regularly seeing over 1 Million visitors to her site monthly in conjunction with an active and growing Social Media presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest.

Karli works day in and out (with the help of her kiddos!) to develop recipes that are simple, fast and delicious for the average family. Her goal is to create a safe space across all social platforms, as well as within her blog, for everyone to come and leave feeling better about themselves. 

Karli loves giving space for up and coming brands to showcase their dessert products with reviews on her Youtube Channel.

If you’d like to work with her, we’d be happy to send you her Media Kit. Email us:


About Karli Bitner

This blog is a little glimpse into my kitchen, family & life. I hope you’ll giggle the days away with me and enjoy the craziness that goes on at my house. If you are Cookie obsessed like I am, check out my Sister Site, Cookies for Days.

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  1. I love all your recipes! Can you please print the Crumbl Reese’s pieces peanut butter cookie? So happy you posted the rocky road!

  2. Hi, I have seen you on Studio 5 and plan on making the Crave Rockstar cookies. I am a big fan of Parsons’ Bakery White Jumbo cookies. Have you ever come across or created a copycat cookie recipe for them?
    Also I was wondering, some of your recipes say butter and some say salted butter. So when you say just butter is that without salt?

  3. I tried the Cadbury Egg cookies this week and they were delicious! Everyone loved them…just ordered my lemon emulsion to try the lemon cookies soon. Love your recipes and can not wait to try more.

  4. I just made the Oreo copycat Crumbl cookies from your new cookbook. Oh my! They are so very good. We bought some from Crumbl several weeks ago and they are every bit as good. Can’t wait to try some more of the recipes.

  5. I absolutely love all your recipes especially the crumbl cookie copycats. Will you try to make a copy cat of the Crumbl Cookie Peach Ring Sugar Cookie? they look and taste amazing, but I am not good at recipe writing and need a little help with the icing. Hope that this one is on your list. I look forward to making more of your recipes in the coming weeks.

  6. Hi Regina! I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. 🙂 the frosting on this cookie is flavored with Torani’s Peach Syrup. I hope that helps! 🙂