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This truly is the best sugar cookie recipe, it turns out soft and perfect every single time. Easy to ice and fun for the whole family to make.  

Welcome to DAY 3 of the 12 days of Christmas Cookies! Today, my good friend Alli is going to share her favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe with you! Alli is a long lost soul sister.. I know you are going to LOVE her!!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out yesterday’s post (the best Peanut Butter Cookies Evaah!) and don’t forget to come back tomorrow.. I’ve got something delicious up my sleeve! Now, here is Alli!

This is Alli from Longbourn Farm and I am so excited to be here on Karli’s blog today sharing a classic at our home during the holidays – my Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe. These cookies are fast to whip up with no refrigeration step!! And not only taste amazing but are a cinch to ice. 

In my post, I include a recipe for the classic sugar cookie icing we usually use but also a link to my favorite buttercream recipe. I’ll show you pictures of both methods and talk you through a little bit about each one. 

This cut out sugar cookie recipe is such a fun one to make with kids and family members. I love seeing everyone’s unique icing skills and watching how the kids roll the dough and choose their Christmas shapes. 

I’ll cover any questions you have about how to ice sugar cookies, how to store sugar cookies, and even about freezing sugar cookies and dough.  

The possibilities for decorating sugar cookies are endless. You can get ultra-fancy with your icing, or keep it basic like we do. I love letting the kids pick out some sprinkles every year to use on batches of sugar cookies.  

I hope you and your family love this recipe as much as we do! Happy Holiday’s from Longbourn Farm!

Get the full, printable recipe card and detailed instructions for Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies over at Longbourn Farm!   

This truly is the best sugar cookie recipe, it turns out soft and perfect every single time. Easy to ice and fun for the whole family to make. #sugarcookierecipe #sugarcookies #sugarcookieicing #sugarcookieeasy #sugarcookiecutout

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  1. tried your sugar cut out cookies but can’t seem to find the frosting recipe.

    Cookies turned out great and are very easy to make.

    Trying to make a hello kitty decoration on the cut outs I made.