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The BEST french bread recipe ever! I walk you through how to make this easy french bread in a way that is beginner friendly without sacrificing taste.

Watch this video to see exactly how easy this French Bread really is!!

With a thick, chewy crust and a fluffy tender inside, this french bread recipe is a keeper.

EASY French Bread

This is your step-by-step guide for easily making french bread and feeling like a rockstar while doing it! Homemade bread is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but people tend to overcomplicate the process. My recipe for french bread keeps it simple – without sacrificing the delicious taste of the finished product.

If you’ve never made bread before, this is honestly the best place to start! I’ll teach you how to whip up 2 quick french bread loaves that will impress you, your family and anyone else you break bread with. So if you’re looking for a way to avoid running to the grocery store *again* but still want a delightfully crusty bread to serve with dinner, let’s do this.

Why You’ll Love this Quick French Bread Recipe

This is the easiest French bread recipe out there- not only is it quick but honestly it’s the best recipe to start with if you’ve never made bread before. Plus, you get two large loaves from this one recipe so freeze one or gift it to a neighbor. Either way it is a win!

Easy French Bread Ingredients

  • Quick Rise Yeast – This will help the dough rise faster, which yields a faster French bread!
  • Warm Water – if you have an instant read thermometer, the water should be about 110°, if not, you’ll want it to just feel slightly warm when the water runs on the inside of your wrist.
  • Sugar – the sugar will initially help activate the yeast and then more sugar is added to the dough. The final bread is not sweet by any means.
  • Oil – the oil helps make the bread tender, without it the bread would be more heavy and tough.
  • Salt
  • Flour – all we need here is All-purpose flour. Nothing fancy needed!

How to Make French Bread in Instant Pot

  1. First you will combine warm water, yeast & a little bit of sugar and let it do its thing for 5 or so minutes. You’ll end up with bubbly yeast, this means that you yeast is active and working. If it hasn’t, your yeast is dead and you need to try again.
  2. Add the yeast, flour, sugar, salt, oil & water into your mixer. Using the dough hook, turn the mixer on low until the flour is incorporated. Turn the speed up just a tad and let the mixer kneed for about 5 minutes.
  3. When the dough is done kneading you should be able to pull off some dough and roll it into a ball. The dough will stick to the sides of the bowl a bit but it shouldn’t stick to your hands when you try to roll it.
  4. Add about 1 TBSP of oil to your Instant Pot and turn it on. Push the yogurt button and then adjust until the normal light is on.
  5. Dump the dough into the instant pot and coat the dough in oil so it will not stick.
  6. The dough will now rise for 40 minutes. Every 10 minutes you will want to come back and ‘knead’ the dough a few times.
  7. I found it easiest to use a spoon to push it down and move it around. The ‘kneading’ process should take about 30 seconds is all. Just push it down to release the built in air, cover and let it proof for another 10 minutes. So at 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes you will ‘knead’ the dough. At 40 minutes you will dump the dough out onto a floured surface. Knead the dough in the flour a few times to soak up the excess oil.
  8. Divide the dough into the amount of loaves you’d like to make. Today I was taking dinner to a friend so I made 2 loaves. I’ve made one large loaf before as well as 4 small loaves.
  9. The best way to shape the loaves is to first roll the dough out into a rectangle.Then starting on the long end of the rectangle, roll & pinch the dough until you’ve rolled it into the desired shape.
  10. You can put an egg white wash on now if you’d like. It doesn’t change the taste, it just makes the crust shiny when finished. Then take a knife and score the top of the dough.
  11. Set the oven to 425°. Place the loaves of bread on top of the oven to raise while the oven preheats.
  12. Once doubled, bake at 425° for 10 minutes and then lower the temp to 375° (without taking the bread out) and bake for an additional 20 minutes. There you have it! Super yummy & quick french bread!
Quick & Easy French Bread
Quick & Easy French Bread

What to do with this Easy French Bread Recipe

I am a purist so I just love the warm french bread with the hard crust slathered in butter but my family loves to eat it with honey or raspberry jam. I also will never say no to dunking a thick slice of French bread into some stew.

Easy Quick French Bread FAQs

What makes French bread different?

French bread is always a longer and narrow loaf of bread with a crusty exterior. The inside should be light and soft.

What gives French bread its flavor?

The combination of the yeast and flour with that thick, hard crust gives French bread it’s classic flavor profile.

How long does French bread take to bake?

It will take about 30 minutes total in the oven to completely bake your loaf of French bread. There is more time involved with making a loaf at home, though. You’ll need to consider how long it takes to prepare the dough and let it rise.

What is the best flour for French bread?

I recommend using unbleached all-purpose flour or bread flour! These two flours have a higher protein content, resulting in the textbook structure and chewiness of french bread without becoming too dense.

How to keep french bread fresh?

Store your french bread in a paper bag at room temperature for up to 2 days! Whatever you do, you do not want to put this bread in the fridge or a ziplock bag as it will rob your loaf of moisture and make the crust unpleasantly chewy.

Quick & Easy French Bread has the classic chewy outer crust with a soft, chewy inside. Thanks to the Instant Pot, two beautiful loaves of French Bread are hot out of the oven in under 90 minutes! |Cooking with Karli| #frenchbread #proofing #instantpot #easy #fast #yeast #recipe

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Fast French Bread Recipe

Quick & Easy French Bread has the classic chewy outer crust with a soft, chewy inside. Thanks to the Instant Pot, two beautiful loaves of French Bread are hot out of the oven in under 90 minutes!
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings: 2 loaves


  • 1 1/2 tbsp quick rise yeast
  • 2 1/2 cup very warm water, divided
  • 1 1/2 tbsp sugar, divided
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 2 1/4 tsp salt
  • 6 cups flour


  • Combine 1/2 cup of warm water, the yeast and 1/2 tsp sugar. Let the mixture sit for 5-10 minutes until nice and bubbly.
  • Add the bubbly yeast and all other ingredients (2 cups of water, remaining sugar, oil, salt and flour) to the bowl of a stand mixer. Using the dough hook, combine the ingredients. Once ‘dough’ has formed, turn the mixer’s speed up a little and let the mixer knead for 5 minutes.
  • The dough will stick to the sides of the bowl a little but you should be able to roll the dough into a small ball in your hands easily without it sticking.
  • Pour 1 Tbsp of oil into the instant pot. Place the dough into the Instant Pot and push the yogurt button, adjust it to the normal setting. Roll the dough in oil so it will not stick. 
  • The dough will now rise for 40 minutes. Every 10 minutes you will want to come back and ‘knead’ the dough a few times. Cover with a lid while you are not ‘kneading’. So at 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes you will ‘knead’ the dough. At 40 minutes you will dump the dough out onto a floured surface
  • Divide the dough into the amount of loaves you’d like. Use a rolling pin and roll the dough into a large rectangle. Shape the dough by starting at the long rolling and pinching the dough until you have achieved the desired shape. Score the top of the dough with a knife. You may do an egg white wash at this point if desired.
  • Set the oven to 425°. Let the dough rise until double while the oven is preheating.
  • Bake at 425° for 10 minutes. Without taking the bread out, turn the oven down to 375° and bake for an additional 20 minutes.
  • ENJOY!!



Serving: 1slice | Calories: 97kcal | Carbohydrates: 19g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 165mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g
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  1. Hi Kay! I am happy to hear that your bread turned out so well, even with the few obstacles you faced. 😉 I am so happy you found and loved my recipe. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Hi Judy, you can use quick rise in this recipe if that is what you have on hand. I generally use canola oil.

  3. I’m going to try this as my first bread recipe ever. I have double ovens and a cooktop though. Knowing that, what’s the best method to get the dough to double before baking? Sorry if that’s a dumb question

  4. Thank you Karli. Made yesterday, so quick, so easy with amazing flavour and texture. I’ve baked bread for years and this moves to the top of the list.

  5. Help please! I am an experienced cook – just not with bread! Tried this recipe, and followed it to a tee. The problem I had was that when I “kneaded” the bread in my stand mixer, it never got to the stage that I could roll some dough in a ball without it sticking to my fingers! I added a bit of flour and it got better, but I was afraid to add to much (I maybe added an extra half cup). So I just put it into my IP to proof. Followed the rest of the directions and it rose well. However, it never held shape and is in the oven now as an amorphous blob. At worst, we are having focaccia with dinner! Help me tackle the bread beast! What did I do wrong????

  6. Hi Melissa! It sounds like not enough flour was added. Are you sure that the correct amount was added from the get go? This isn’t a sticky dough so I wonder if the cups were accidentally counted wrong. It should definitely hold shape, I say give it another try and double check all of the measurements and I bet you’ll have success!