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Are you, or someone you know, a little confused by the whole Instant Pot thing? QR & NPR say whaaat?! Join my FREE 4 week challenge and you'll leave feeling like an Instant Pot pro. ? Free recipes, exclusive facebook group, shopping lists.. and.. PRIZES!! |Cooking with Karli| #instantpot #instantpotrecipe #instantpotbeginner #beginner


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Unbox, get comfortable and MASTER the Instant Pot!!

Were you so unbelievably excited to get an Instant Pot? And now can’t figure the dang thing out? Is your Instant Pot still sitting in it’s box weeks (months.. or years!) later, still not being used? Do you feel like wetting your pants every time you have to quick release the pressure? (I was right there with you the first couple of times!)

I’m here to declare to the world wide web that YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE NOT ALONE!!

It’s alright, own the fact that this new kitchen appliance is foreign, confusing and maybe even terrifying to you. Now look at that Instant Pot right in the pressure valve and tell yourself that you can do it. Let’s master the Instant Pot in just 4 weeks! I will walk you through it every step of the way!

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  1. I have had an instant pot for over 2 years and never used it. It’s been sitting in my kitchen in the shelf, still with a little Christmas wrapping paper stuck to one side. I’m not even sure which model it is! I look forward to learning from you!

  2. Bought mine 2 years ago 🙁 I’ve made artichokes twice 🙁 I think I’ve found my people.

  3. Will this cover other brands of instant pots? I have a crockpot brand instant pot. I want to learn!

  4. So, the recipe will give clear instructions on how to use the IP? Like cooking times and what type of release to use?

  5. I will be referencing the Instant Pot brand, but all brands are welcome! We will have 1000 people in each session so there will be a lot of others with different brands, too.