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*drum roll, pleaaaase..*

I’m Karli, the face behind this blog. Bet you could of guessed that, huh? ? I am married to my childhood community swim team teammate (Woah, try and say that three times fast!). Together we have 4 kiddos. My husband, Dan, and I have been married for over a decade.

We love each other & our crazy kids! Dan has been the biggest supporter of my blog since day one. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without his optimism & encouragement. Everyone really needs a ‘Dan’.  They are pretty awesome, I really like mine. 🙂

This blog is a little glimpse into my kitchen, family & life. I hope you’ll giggle the days away with me and enjoy the craziness that goes on at my house.   There isn’t ever a shortage of crazy. I can promise you that! Buckle up, keep your hand and legs inside at all times and enjoy the ride!

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About Karli Bitner

This blog is a little glimpse into my kitchen, family & life. I hope you’ll giggle the days away with me and enjoy the craziness that goes on at my house. If you are Cookie obsessed like I am, check out my Sister Site, Cookies for Days.

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  1. I found you on tik tok and I was so excited. I LOVE baking, it relieves stress for me. And I LOVE crumbl cookies. Im so excited to start baking these delicious recipes! And as I looked through, you have so many different things! Thanks for all your posts! I look forward to more of your recipes and posts!!!!

  2. Hi Karli!
    I came across your website after seeing you on TikTok. I may have an impossible quest. On August 2nd 2021, crumble came out with a mango frozen yogurt cookie that they swapped out with something else mid week. First time ever they swapped a flavor mid week. My best friend is pregnant, and she loved that cookie. I would love to surprise her with it if there is any way you would be able to figure it out. Understand if you can’t since you can’t taste it. But I’m willing to make it even if you come up with something similar! Thank you for reading this!

  3. Saw you had a cookie receipe book on TicTok. I’m interested as I am not a good baker, well I can make some things, but cookies never seem to come out the same. Information please!

  4. My BFF challenged me to make the Crumbl Sugar Cookie and I found your website! I have made the Sugar Cookies numerous times and my BFF said they were even better than Crumbl! I accidentally forgot to set a timer on a batch and I brought them to work as bloopers, none were left at the end of the day! Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes!

  5. I am so excited to try some of these recipes! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  6. Hi Karli! This is my very first time seeing your Blog. I’m a member of the 3-Qt. Instant Pot Lover group. I asked if anyone could help me with a Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti recipe. A precious lady sent me your link and Here I am! I’m a Newbie to the 3-Qt. Instant Pot. This group helps me So much! Now that I have found you with your Adorable family and Helpful hints and recipes , I’ll be back!! I’m probably older than most in your group, 72 and have been happily married to my teenage Sweetheart, Wayne for 51 years, this past Feb.27. I thought, well, hey! You’re Never to old or have been married for as long as us to want new ideas and new recipes! Thank you so much!!! <3

  7. Karli,
    I am so excited to have found your recipes! I have a question regarding the “Crumble Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies”. When measuring the Brown Sugar, is that “Packed” or “Lightly Sprinkled” into the measuring cups? I know that can affect the outcome and yours are Beautiful!
    Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Hi karli,

    Love your Crumbl recipes. Can you tell what the baking instructions are for the cosmic brownie cookie in mini form.
    They are my grandsons favorite and I would like to make them for his birthday party.

    Thank you,


  9. First off let me say that I absolutely LOVE all of your recipes! I’ve tried many and all have been delicious. I am a sucker for cookies though and I’ve made so many of your cookie recipes that I’ve lost count🙈 lol. If it’s not too much to ask can you pleaseeeeee re-create the French toast crumbl cookie?