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Looking for practical gifts the cookie baker in your life will actually use? You are in the right place! Everything linked here will be useful for anyone who loves to bake. 

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Best gifts for people who love to bake

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  1. Cookie Lover eBook or Cookbook: This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cookies or baking. This cookbook has 32 unique copycat gourmet cookie recipes inside!
  2. Butter Dish– Not only does this hold a lot of butter, but it is sealed tight so it doesn’t absorb strange flavors. Sleek enough to keep on the counter, too! I absolutely love mine!
  3. Offset Spatula– There is no better utensil to frost cookies or a cake with! I use mine almost daily. (I do, admittedly, make way more cookies than a normal person should, though.)
  4. Cake Batter Flavor– Just trust me on this. Cookies, cakes, rice Krispy treats.. Anything you usually put vanilla in can be replaced and made cake batter flavored. My favorite is this Pink Velvet Cookie recipe. 
  5. KitchenAid Mixer– Yes. Worth the investment. Mine has been used rigorously for 10 years and is still going strong!
  6. Silicone Baking Mats– there is nothing worse than cookies that are stuck to the pan, am-I-right? Plus, silicone mats promote even cooking and a myriad of other benefits, too. If your baker doesn’t have any of these, buy some now. 😉
  7. Glass KitchenAid Mixing Bowl– I absolutely love my glass KitchenAid bowl- It looks nicer when sitting on my counter and it has useful measurements on the side AND is microwave safe. 
  8. Mini Silicone Spatulas– if you’ve ever seen any of my YouTube videos, odds are, you’ve seen me use these. I think I own about 12- not even exaggerating! These little guys are THE BEST!
  9. Piping Bags– This is one thing no baker will ever have too many of. This will always be a hit with bakers. 
  10. Extra Large Cookie Scoop– This scoop holds just over 1/3 of a cup of dough! Perfect size for copycat Crumbl Cookies that I have so many recipes for.
  11. Powdered Sugar Shaker- For French toast, sprinkled onto cakes, cupcakes, cookies.. you can use it for powdered sugar, dusting flour or even cocoa powder! I use this all the time.
  12. Black Cocoa Powder– Buy this for anyone who LOVES Oreos. This cocoa makes your chocolate cookies taste like Oreos + gives all desserts a deep black color. 
  13. Piping Tips– I use piping tips to frost my cookies nearly every time I make some! The 2A + 2D tips are my go-tos. 
  14. Almond extract– This isn’t an extract all beginning bakers keep on hand, but this is a must when making Copycat Crumbl sugar cookies. And trust me, your baker will want to make them. 
  15. Oven Thermometer– Nothing is worse than your baked goods not coming out right over something as simple as your oven’s temperature! If you have an older oven, grab one of these thermometers to make sure that it is actually the correct temperature when baking. 
  16. Scraper Paddle– This is the only paddle I use with my KitchenAid mixer now- no need to stop and scrape the sides anymore! So easy and convenient.
  17. Sprinkles– Sprinkles make the world a better place and let me tell you, I have a shelf full of sprinkles but I will always buy more. Giving someone some cute sprinkles can be a great cost effective gift for the baker in your life. 

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